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Historical Fencing of Medieval Europe

Fencing is a combat with melee weapons, usually swords, court swords, sabers or rapiers. Many people around the world are fascinated by medieval cold arms combat techniques and recreate them today. Fencing match is usually a one on one duel, but there are communities which organize historically themed tournaments, related to a certain epoch, and […]

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Where To Learn Fencing

Fencing is enjoyed by many people all over the world. It is an engaging entertainment that bears numerous health benefits. In order to take up fencing as your hobby, you will need to purchase the gear and to find a place to get training classes at. The needed gear, depending on what kind of sport […]

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Renowned Fencers

The art of fencing has a long history. Over hundreds of years, numerous enthusiasts developed this sport and maintained it as a great sports tradition. We have a lot of famous fencers who dedicated their lives to this amazing activity, and due to their dedication, their names are still remembered and their skills are still […]

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