Where To Learn Fencing

Fencing is enjoyed by many people all over the world. It is an engaging entertainment that bears numerous health benefits. In order to take up fencing as your hobby, you will need to purchase the gear and to find a place to get training classes at. The needed gear, depending on what kind of sport type you are to engage in, includes:

  • Sword (foil/ épée /sabre)

  • Protective clothing (jacket, plastron, gloves, socks, breeches, shoes, chest protector, face mask)

  • Ergonomic handles

  • Electric equipment

Virtually anyone can take up this sport as it is quite affordable and suitable even for people with special physical needs. For instance, many people on wheelchairs go in for fencing and enjoy this engaging activity.

Once you are settled with clothing and equipment, it is high time to look for sport clubs that offer classes in your town or city. Some sports clubs organize free trials for beginners. It is a perfect opportunity to try fencing and see how it goes.


Clubs and Organizations

Not many people know there are schools and universities with students mastering academic fencing or Mensur. At these schools, fencing is a part of academic curriculum and is paid much attention to. However, not many people would want to cross the border of another country to learn basics of this sport; one has to be a real fan of this type of sport. Thus, sports club in the neighbourhood will be the best decision for any beginner. It is important to pick a licensed sports club. Good sports clubs offer a variety of individual and group courses including:

  • Adults Classes
  • Children Classes
  • Youth Classes
  • Sessions for beginners
  • Sessions for team bonding
  • Individual lessons

Individual classes or classes to teach the beginners is the best solution to those learning the basics. Many people practice self-learning using video tutorials on Youtube, however, it is not always a good idea. In sports clubs, certified professionals will teach you better, faster, and, what is important, safer. Moreover, video tutorials often omit the precautious side. Beginners’ classes beginners will not only allow learning basic moves but get newbies acquainted with safety measures. Nowadays, there are many options for children as well. They can learn fencing in sports clubs or even in summer camps.

This type of sport is not extremely exhausting, yet brings numerous health benefits, allowing to move actively for a prolonged period of time, this stimulating the heart and vascular system. It also develops stamina, balance, and coordination. Fencing is an unusual and an interesting hobby to take up. Not being a mainstream sports, it is widely taught and available for virtually anyone to learn. The wisest choice is to learn fencing in sports clubs under the supervision of certified professionals. Self-learning with the help of online tutorials is quite a possibility, yet not the best choice for beginners and children.

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